Tuesday, July 15th at 9PM GMT we are holding another one of our (in)famous ABIOGENESIS performances inside The Endless Forest. This time we suggest, all you deer, take a swim in the pond. You will turn into a frog and shed your costumes, but in this heat that will feel so good! Now that you're all cooled off, leave your deer behind for an out of body experience with the Twin Gods. Enjoy the party and spectacle in a whole new way by switching to ABIOGENESIS CAM mode with CTRL+W. Be carried through the forest and witness colors and forest magic like you haven't before! Find out what time it's happening in your area.

ABIOGENESIS: Carnival in the Forest!

ack! I forgot to post here about today's ABIOGENESIS!
to see the new stuff you'll need to upgrade to version 3.2!

At the occasion of the Jeugdfilmfestival, which opens today, two special deer (wearing gold masks, like the one in the poster above :)) will make their appearance in The Endless Forest. One is controlled by visitors of the festival in Bruges and one controlled by visitors in Antwerp.

To celebrate carnival, we're having a special Mardi Gras ABIOGENESIS in The Endless Forest Tuesday at 5 pm, Belgian time. All deer are invited in carnival outfits, designed by the players and modeled by students at Howest college!


If you cannot be there, don't fret! The Twin Gods will be causing many random spectales, new designs are staying in the game for your enjoyment, and fawn magic stays on all week! :)

I think the new disguises came out beautifully:

see them all!

Endless Forest Upgrade patch


Just wanted to let you know that there's been a minor upgrade to the game. You probably will want to get it because it fixes some serious issues with sound. Even if you haven't had issues with the loudness of roars in the forest you will want this if you're gonna be ABIOGENESIS-ing (yes, i made that into a verb) with us tomorrow or in the future!

The small (2MB) patch is to be applied to version 3.12 of The Endless Forest and upgrades it to version 3.13
If you have a version earlier than 3.12 then you'll want to download and install the full version 3.13 from the website.

thank you,
The Management ;)
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It's our Birthday!

This time it's earlier in the day (for us) so that more of you in the East and Down Under can hopefully join us!

Hard for us to believe but Tale of Tales has been around 4 years come this Wednesday. Time flies! Good enough reason to have a party! So, join us in The Endless Forest at 11am UTC for a little anniversary ABIOGENESIS. We'll bring the party favors.

The Endless Forest: Phase 3

Hello Everyone,

Long time no write, I know I know.
But today I have news!
Phase 3 of The Endless Forest is out of beta testing and if you've not tried it out you really should!
The gameworld is twice as big as Phase 2 and there are new sights and sounds in the forest.

Download link TEF:Phase3!

The new area features a completely new landscape, with birch trees and sycamores, blue berries and little birds that sit on your antlers if you’re very very quiet. You can play as a little fawn and jump around on the boulders at the quarry. And we've worked hard to optimize performance so hopefully it will run better on your computers! In fact, we'd love to have your feedback if you have trouble running the game on your PC.

And just to let you know, in the works is a big Halloween/Day of the Dead celebration with new masks and pelts and other unexpected, spooky surprises. We're also planning to do ABIOGENESIS:Carnival which should turn out to be even crazier!

alright, :)
See you in The Forest!

The Endless Forest: Phase3 (Public Beta)

hello, hello, hi!

We've at last released a beta verison of Phase 3 for your fun and testing purposes! Please give it a try and let us know how it runs on your machine and if you like the new areas we've put together for your deer to explore.

find out more about whats changed in this new version here

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